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How to Make Use of Succulents

Whether you're looking for fresh accent pieces or a striking outdoor centerpiece, you can achieve a number of desired looks with succulents. These vibrant, hearty, and unique looking plants are a popular choice for outdoor spaces. Place succulents in containers for interesting and decorative centerpieces or table accents. Succulents can also serve as centerpieces of your yard, especially when combined with dramatic pots and lighting. Finally, consider using succulents to soften hardscapes and bring a well-rounded look to your outdoor space. Watch this video for more tips on incorporating succulents.

Your local San Jose garden center will have a wide variety of succulents to choose from. From the bold statement of large Agaves to the softer look of Sedum groundcover, there's a succulent for every style, every garden, and every budget. Your nursery and garden can also recommend ways to incorporate these beautiful plants into your landscape design.