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Natural Stone Ideas for Your Landscape

Natural stone includes any number of quarried products, including granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate, quartzite, and sandstone. These materials are used to bring beauty and luxury inside the home, but they are ideally suited for use outdoors. If you want to spruce up your backyard, try incorporating natural stone into your landscape design. Before you visit your local San Jose hardware store for landscaping supplies and materials, consider these ideas for using natural stone around your property. Natural Stone Ideas for Your Landscape San Jose

Stepping Stone Walkway
For a beautiful and practical touch, install a stepping stone path leading from your back door or patio to other areas of interest around your yard, such as a pond, outdoor kitchen, garden, or gazebo. For a tidy look, surround large stepping stones with small pebbles in a contrasting color. You can pick up everything you need to install a stepping stone walkway at your local garden center or landscaping store.

Pond Barrier
Adding a pond to your yard can create a tranquil place of serenity, especially if you surround the pond with rocks and boulders. The right type of stone will give your backyard that fairytale look while helping to camouflage unsightly black pond liners and providing contrast to the dark pond water. Choosing rocks that are similar in size but irregular in shape and color will provide the most natural effect.

Rock Garden
For an exotic look, add a rock garden to your landscape. Choose an area of your yard that gets plenty of sun and install two or three small boulders. Surround the boulders with low-lying flowers, such as ground orchids or decorative cacti. Fill in the gaps with smaller stone that complement the color of your boulders. Your San Jose rockery will have plenty of beautiful, eye-catching stones to choose from.

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