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Blog Posts in March, 2015


Jujubes are commonly referred to as the Chinese Date. Providing versatile, sweet fruit on a virtually pest-free tree and drought tolerant. The fruit can be eaten fresh or dried, when ripe it resembles ...
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Spring Gardening Tips for Your Home

The spring season is approaching fast, and now is a great time to create a gardening and lawn maintenance plan for your property. During the spring season, your yard will come alive with new growth ...
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Spotlight on Some Popular House Plants

If you are seeking a great way to add freshness and life to your home, you many want to consider purchasing some indoor plants at your local nursery. Indoor gardening is incredibly rewarding, and ...
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A Look at Some Common Plumbing Problems

The health of your home’s plumbing system may not cross your mind on a daily basis. However, by preventing plumbing problems before they become serious, you can save yourself hassle in the long ...
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Garden block planter

Clearcast Concrete is pleased to introduce a new and innovative modular product that makes building your Garden Box simple and durable. The modular system incorporates two basic units: a unique corner ...
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Choosing the Right Paint for Your Project

When you are embarking on a painting project, your hardware store will have a variety of paint products for you to choose from. To get the most out of your paint, it is important to select a product ...
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