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Your Guide to Creating a Southwestern Landscape Design

Many homeowners are making the switch to gardens that demand less water and maintenance, and one way to do this is with desert landscaping. If you’re ready to give your yard an overhaul to make it more water-efficient and easy to care for, then continue reading for tips on transforming your lawn and garden in San Jose into a southwestern landscape. southwest - landscape


When it comes to creating a desert landscape design, many homeowners choose to do away with their lawn completely, and instead, utilize hardscaping materials to cover and decorate their yard. The reason for this is that the lawn can be very water inefficient, and it also demands high levels of maintenance in comparison to hardscaping materials. Consider using sand and gravel as ground cover and incorporating pavers, flagstone, or cement to make your patios and walkways. For an authentic look, you can build walls using dry-stacked stone or adobe mud. If you prefer a more modern aesthetic, then opt for elements made from poured concrete.


Choosing plants that are native to the Southwest is key to establishing a southwestern landscape design. These species are well-adapted to hot, arid climates, and they can thrive without the need for much irrigation or care. Some examples of drought-resistant plants to incorporate into your new landscape design include succulents like hardy ice plant, hen and chicks, and annual moss rose. Other plants you might add to your southwestern garden include cacti, Guayacan shrub, autumn sage, Texas red yucca, yellow columbine, pineleaf penstemon, red hyssop, and California fuchsia. Finally, visit your local nursery to learn what native plants they recommend for southwestern gardens.


There are plenty of additional elements you can use to pull together your new landscape design. For example, consider creating an accent wall by applying paint in a vibrant color like orange, purple, or yellow. Also, think about using red clay pavers, terra cotta décor, plaster, driftwood, dry river beds, and colorful planters to add some finishing touches to your southwestern landscape design.