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Advice for Keeping Weeds Out of Your Garden

Few things can diminish the appearance of your garden in San Jose like weeds can. These intruders can suck up valuable nutrients and water from your soil, putting the plants that you want at a disadvantage, and they don’t do much to enhance a plot, either. To practice effective weed control, there are several things to keep in mind.

First, mulch is your friend when it comes to managing weeds. This material not only helps retain moisture in the soil, but it also stops sunlight from germinating weed seeds. Also, you should pull weeds when they’re young because they will be easier to remove and have not yet gone to seed. Next, don’t dig where you don’t have to. There is a good chance that there are weed seeds throughout your soil, but only those that are within a couple of inches of the surface will germinate. For this reason, avoiding unnecessary digging can help keep weed seeds well-buried. Finally, to prevent future weed problems, visit your hardware store to pick up pre-emergence herbicides for your garden.

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