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Landscaping Methods That Promote Water Conservation

For many homeowners, having a garden in San Jose that is both attractive and has minimal water needs is a priority. If you’re interested in using less water to maintain your outdoor areas, then continue reading to learn about landscaping methods that promote water conservation. drought - tolerant

Be Vigilant About Irrigation and Water Needs

Many people don’t realize when they are providing their plants or grassy areas with more water than they require. If you want to use less water in your garden, then start by doing some research and learning precisely how much water the different species in your landscaping require. Also, monitor how much rain your lawn is receiving and regulate your irrigation accordingly. Finally, adjust how much water your landscaping receives in response to changes in temperature.

Choose Local and Drought-Resistant Plants

If you want to reduce the amount of water that your landscaping requires, one of the first things that you should consider is your lawn. Grass can have high demands for water, so cutting back on the amount of lawn that you have or switching to a drought-tolerant variety can be a smart decision. Next, consider the plants in your landscaping. If you have a significant number of non-native species that require a lot of water to stay healthy, then you can benefit from replacing these with local species that are adapted to your climate. Finally, think about your landscaping in zones, and design it in a way that keeps plants with similar water needs close to one another to minimize wasted water.

Add More Gravel and Hardscaping

If you decide that you have more lawn than you need and wonder what you should do with the area, then consider installing hardscaping. Fire pit areas and detached patios are popular ways of cutting down on turf while simultaneously improving the function of outdoor spaces. Finally, landscaping these areas with gravel, succulents, and cacti offers an excellent way for you to cut back on water usage in your yard.