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Follow These Steps to Get Ready for Backyard Summer Parties

When it comes to outdoor living in San Jose, more and more people are creating versatile backyard spaces that are ideal for entertaining. However, after winter and spring, your lawn and garden may require some maintenance and cleanup before they’ll be in shape for hosting guests. These steps can help you get your landscaping ready for backyard parties this summer: summer - parties

Prune Back Shrubs

This task is one that’s often overlooked by homeowners, but you may be surprised by how significantly well-maintained shrubs and hedges can impact the appearance of your landscaping. Also, pruning back overgrown shrubs may make it easier for people to walk along the paths in your yard.

Address Lawn Problems

Getting your grass in good condition before you host a party is important for 2 reasons. First, your lawn is what visitors will notice before anything else, and you’ll feel proud to show off your lush and healthy grass to friends and neighbors. Second, it’s ideal to make your lawn as healthy as possible before you host guests so that it can better withstand any foot traffic that it may receive.

Power Wash Surfaces

If your hardscaping areas are looking old and dingy due to dust and buildup, then you may benefit from renting a power washer and giving your walkways and driveway a good cleaning. When using a power washer, be sure to follow the equipment’s instructions and wear the right personal protective equipment.

Add Container Plants

Whether you have lush, green landscaping or a southwestern landscape design, adding potted plants to your outdoor areas can do wonders for boosting their appeal. Place potted plants and flowers on your porches and patios to create a more colorful and welcoming atmosphere for your invitees.

Install More Lighting

Landscape lighting can make your outdoor areas safer for your family and guests, as well as add beauty and ambiance to your yard. There is a vast range of exterior lighting options to choose from, with everything from solar powered path lights to plug-in string lights, which can help illuminate and enhance your backyard this summer.