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Benefits of Having House Plants

When visiting their local garden center, people are commonly on the hunt for the best plants to add to their lawn or landscaping. However, the benefits of keeping some plants indoors shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are a few of the reasons why you should pick up some houseplants the next time you visit your hardware store in San Jose:

Natural Décor

If you’re someone who puts a lot of effort into maintaining your home’s landscaping, then you probably enjoy the natural beauty that plants can provide. Considering this, why not take advantage of this benefit indoors, as well? Houseplants are like living art that can add bright pops of green throughout your home, and flowering varieties can provide color and cheer. For these reasons, if you have a blank wall or drab table that you’d like to add some decoration to, then consider using houseplants instead of paintings and knickknacks.

Benefits of Having House Plants

Better Air

Keeping some plants in your home can improve your indoor air in several ways. First, houseplants can boost indoor humidity, which can be beneficial for anyone living in a dry environment, and this can also help reduce the amount of ambient dust in the air. Besides this, plants can further improve your home’s indoor air quality by filtering out pollutants like formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene. Some of the best plants for cleaning indoor air include snake plants, English ivy, golden pothos, and spider plant.

Improved Health

Finally, you may be interested in learning that houseplants can have a beneficial effect on your health. For example, plants that produce oxygen at night may help promote better sleep, and the smell of lavender has been shown to promote relaxation. Also, just seeing plants may help support your wellness, as research has linked the sight of plants with better health outcomes for surgical patients. Finally, if you can’t have a pet where you live, then being able to care for plants instead may promote feelings of wellbeing.

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