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Seasoning Your Traeger Timberline Grill

Are you getting ready to set up your new Traeger Timberline grill in San Jose? If so, then watch this video for tips on how to season it properly.

Start by removing the heat shields, grill grates, and grease drip tray. Then, with the main power switch in the off position, plug in the power cord. Next, check the auger to be sure that there are no objects inside of it, and then pour the pellets into the hopper. Now, turn the grill’s main power on, press the Standby button, and then press and hold the Keep Warm and Menu buttons. Once some of the pellets fall into the fire pot, turn off the auger, set the temperature to 500ºF, and replace the heat shields, grill grates, and grease trap. Finally, hit the Ignite button, close the grill door, and allow the grill to run for 45 minutes.