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Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

If you recently bought your first home, then congratulations! To help get your new adventure in homeownership off to a good start, keep reading to learn some of the tools that you should pick up from your nearby hardware store in San Jose. home - saw


When it comes to tasks like replacing light fixtures, assembling new furniture, and completing basic repairs, a drill is an essential power tool to have on hand. While there are corded options available, keep in mind that cordless drills can offer much more convenience and versatility.


If you’re planning to take on any projects that involve cutting wood, then you can benefit from owning a saw. However, pass on the handsaws, which require a lot of time and effort to be effective, and go for a handy circular saw instead.


When picking up your supplies, don’t forget about lawn and garden maintenance. There are several tools that you may need, such as a lawnmower, rake, and shovel, but a garden hose is a toolbox essential that can be used for everything from cleaning surfaces to watering trees.


A must for everything from repainting your home’s trim to cleaning out the gutters in fall, a ladder belongs in every homeowner’s tool shed. When choosing the right ladder for you, consider where you plan to use it, if it will be on an even or uneven surface, how high you will need to reach, and whether it should be the kind that leans against a wall or is self-supporting.

Stud Finder

Finally, to avoid drilling and hammering useless holes into the walls of your new home, do yourself a favor and add a stud finder to your list of must-have tools. A stud finder is a convenient device that makes it easy to locate the framing that’s on the other side of a wall’s surface, helping you to hang pictures and install shelving units in the right locations.