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Selling Your Home? Make it Look Great with These Painting Tips

Did you know that how your home looks from the street can significantly influence a buyer’s first impression? If you’re planning to sell your home and want to improve its curb appeal, then read these tips before you start painting in San Jose: home - paint

Touch up the Trim

If your home was painted within the last few years, then its exterior may not need much work. However, you can help your property stand out from other contenders by giving some attention to the trim. Consider touching up the trim or applying a fresh coat of paint in a color that better accents the rest of your home’s exterior.

Give It a Facelift

If you can’t remember the last time your home was painted, and it’s evident by looking at it that it’s been a decade or longer, then you should consider painting the entire exterior. A fresh coat of paint will help your home look newer and well-maintained. Choose colors that go well with the other homes in the neighborhood, but that will also help your property stand out.

Cover up Interior Blemishes

Getting your home’s exterior looking sharp with new paint can help ensure that buyers stop and take a look inside. To be prepared for this, you should address any interior paint problems as well. It’s common for a few scuffs and stains to accumulate on walls and trim over the years, so touch these areas up and repaint rooms that have clearly received a lot of use.

Opt for Neutral Colors

However, if you have rooms that are painted in any colors other than light neutrals, then you can benefit from repainting these spaces from top to bottom. Neutral paint colors will be appealing to the widest range of home buyers because they are more likely to go with the furniture that they own, saving them from having to repaint the home themselves. Finally, keep in mind that lighter colors open up a room and can help your home appear more spacious than it is.