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Tips for Saving Water in Your Home and Landscaping

We use water constantly, both inside and outside of the house. Between our bathrooms and kitchens and our lawns and gardens in San Jose, a lot of this water goes to waste. Being conscious of the way you use your water allows you to reduce waste and make your home more efficient. Watch this video for tips for saving water in your home and landscaping.

There are tons of ways to save water. Think about when your home was built and how old your appliances are. Unless they’ve been upgraded in the past few years, chances are they’re wasting water. Look for low-flow, energy efficient appliances. These toilets and showerheads will get the job done without using any more water than necessary. Check for leaks by shutting down any appliances that use water and reading your water meter. If the little triangle is spinning, you may have a leak to deal with.

Categories: Water Conservation