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Traeger Grill Accessories and Pellets in San Jose


Digital Thermostat KitA ridiculously handy upgrade from the multi-position control found on older models, our new digital thermostat control goes to eleven: it’s the ultimate way to control your barbecue. The bright orange LED Display provides an accurate temperature reading, and the newly added Auto Shut-Down Cycle reduces the amount of residual ash left behind in your firebox and grill bottom.

• Easy to Read LED Display shows the exact cooking temperature inside your grill
• Straightforward, Fast Installation
• Auto Shut-Down Cycle makes grill maintenance a snap
• Compatible with all Traeger Grills
• On-Off Switch for Added Convenience


A new culinary journey awaits with our cold smoker. It’s ideal for delicate fish like lox style salmon, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, bacon, and to flavor steaks that will get a hard sear later—essentially anything that needs a lower temperature. With a cold smoker, the world is your smoked oyster.
Cold Smoker
• Includes two removable porcelain-coated grill grates
• Adjustable warming vent can be opened and shut for a warmer or cooler smoke
• Fits Lil' Tex, Lil' Tex Elite 22, Texas, Texas Elite 34



Front Folding ShelfThe folding front shelf makes a great sidekick for Texas grills. While your Traeger smokes meats to juicy perfection, the front grill shelf acts as your prep station for slicing veggies to top your burgers, keeps your oven mitts at the ready, even holds your drink for easy access, and folds down when you’re done. Front Folding Grill Shelf

• Conveniently folds down after grilling for storage.
• Designed for maximum convenience and versatility.
• Compatible with the Traeger grill cover, no need to remove shelf during storage.
• Fits All Texas Model Grills
• Made of Steel
• H: 4”, W: 12.5”, L: 38”, Weight 13 lbs.


Chicken ThroneBeer can chicken: so simple, so flavorful, and the most tender chicken preparation known to ‘cue science. We’ve simplified the recipe even further, and eliminated any possible toxins released from heated beer cans with the Chicken Throne. We believe the king of all chickens deserves a throne.

• Keeps chicken moist throughout the roasting process.
• Porcelain construction for durability and longevity.
• Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up
• Made in the USA
• Fill with Beer, Broth, Juice, or the Aromatic Liquid of your choice.


High Efficiency Power InverterThis handy 400-watt mobile power inverter turns your Traeger into a portable flavor station. From tailgating to camping, even the neighborhood BBQ at the park, now you’ll never have to be without deliciously simple ‘cue creations. With your imagination being your only limitation, where will you let your Traeger take you?

• Powerful 400-watt unit connects to any Traeger Model equipped with a Digital Thermostat Control
• Converts standard 12Vdc power (typical found in cars and boats) to 110V/60HZ AC
• Comes with two 3-Prong outlets, and a USB port for convenience
• Compatible with consumer electronics; computer/mobile, office, and household appliances; lighting, electronic tools
• Perfect Protection Function, including soft start, overload, peak power, output short-circuit, output leakage, and temperature protection.

All-Weather Traeger Grill CoverALL-WEATHER COVER FOR TEXAS

Protect your investment with a custom heavy duty all-weather grill cover. Form-fitted to match the current model of the Traeger Texas Grill (BBQ075). Black with white Traeger logo imprint.


All Weather Grill Cover for Lil TexProtect your investment with a custom heavy duty all-weather grill cover. Form-fitted to match your Traeger Grill. Black with white Traeger logo imprint. Fits BBQ070/07E.

All Natural Hardwood Barbecue Pellets

These clean-burning, environmentally-safe wood pellets generate about 8500 BTU's per lb. with very little ash. Traeger selects only the finest hardwoods from across the country to go into their pellets.

Big Game BBQ Pellets Hickory BBQ Pellets
Big Game BBQ Pellets - 33 Pound Bag Hickory BBQ Pellets - 20 Pound Bag

Mesquite BBQ Pellets Apple BBQ Pellets
Mesquite BBQ Pellets - 20 Pound Bag Apple BBQ Pellets - 20 Pound Bag

Pecan BBQ Pellets Oak BBQ Pellets
Pecan BBQ Pellets - 20 Pound Bag Oak BBQ Pellets - 20 Pound Bag

Cherry BBQ Pellets Maple BBQ Pellets
Cherry BBQ Pellets - 20 Pound Bag Maple BBQ Pellets - 20 Pound Bag

Adler BBQ Pellets
Adler BBQ Pellets - 20 Pound Bag