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Traeger grills are unlike any other grill out there. Their handcrafted pellet grills give you the convenience of gas and the unmistakable flavor of real wood. They are extremely versatile; it’s like having three units in one! On low setting, it acts like a smoker. Medium for barbecuing & baking , and on high for grilling. Cook steaks, chops, burgers in a healthier manner using Traeger’s patented indirect cooking system that channels drippings away from your food. Using a Traeger is the environmentally responsible way to cook outdoors. Traeger uses a natural biomass wood pellet fuel therefore, no fossil fuels of any kind are used in the combustion process. Fire up a Traeger and be prepared to savor the best BBQ ever!
  • Steaks

    Traeger grills use wood pellets as a fuel source, as opposed to charcoal or propane. Wood is a completely organic and biodegradable fuel, meaning you’ll reduce your carbon footprint every time you enjoy outdoor grilling, while also enjoying minimal cleanup.
  • Wood adds a unique and appealing smoky flavor to food that cannot be replicated by charcoal. Furthermore, many people feel that food cooked over a charcoal grill tastes unappealing, as a result of the additives contained within charcoal to make it burn hotter or faster.
  • Traeger grills utilize a convenient igniter rod that gets your grill started for you while you wait, eliminating the need for matches, lighter fluid, or charcoal chimney starters.

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Lil' Pig

Lil' Pig Grill

** LIMITED AVAILABILITY ** This little piggy infuses food with the rich, hardwood flavor you expect from a Traeger grill, and with 425 sq. in. of grilling area, you have enough space to go whole hog with the guest list. It has a Digital Pro Controller and an 11.5 lb. hopper, so you can smoke continuously for hours without having to babysit your pork butts. From its snout and long lashes, to its curly tail, the charming details make Lil’ Pig a conversation-worthy centerpiece for any backyard get together.

• Traditional Texas Style Wood Cooker
• Fun “Art Deco” Design
• Digital Pro Controller
• Auto Start and Auto Shut-Down Ignition System
• Logo Stamped, Embossed Lid
• Pre-Installed, Porcelain Coated Grill Racks
• EZ-Drain Grease System
• High-Tech, Auger-Fed Burner
• Durable Powder Coat Finish
• Steel Construction
• Easily Holds Up To: 16 Burgers | 6 Chickens | 24 Hot Dogs | 5 Rib Racks


  • 36,000 BTUs
  • Digital Pro Controller
  • 425 sq. in (19x22) Grilling Area
  • Easily Holds Up To: 16 Burgers | 4 Chickens, 24 Hot Dogs | 5 Rib Racks

Dimensions & Weight

  • Width: 55 in.
  • Height: 45 in.
  • Depth: 21 in.
  • Weight: 250 lbs.

Traeger XL BBQ Grill

Traeger XL BBQ Grill

The Traeger XL has 836 square inches of grilling area and a 42.5 pound hopper, so this big boy provides hours of consistent, wood-fired cooking at its best. This Traeger grill has a Digital Pro Controller to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cook, with Dual Meat Probes for easy monitoring of the internal meat temp without having to open the lid. More grill means you can cook a whole meal at once, or even a whole hog, with huge, hardwood flavor.

• 836 sq. in. (44" x 19") Grilling Area
• Digital Pro Controller with Dual Probe Thermometers
• Grill Rack Easily Holds 40 Burgers | 12 Chickens | 16 Rib Racks



For the On-the-Go Griller who doesn’t like to be tethered to their deck, we present Traeger’s most portable wood-fired grill: the PTG+. It features convection performance capable of anything from low and slow to hot and fast grilling.

Decked out with an Auto-Start Ignition, High-Tech Auger-Fed Burner, and Digital Thermostat Controller, the PTG+ makes creating extraordinary barbecue simple. This easy to stow, easy to go model features a pellet hopper that secures in place when stored vertically and holds up to 5 lbs. of hardwood. The mobile design of the PTG+ lets you go anywhere, from camping in the great outdoors and cookouts on the beach, to tailgating before the game, without sacrificing the wood-fired flavor you expect from a Traeger.

For outdoor adventurers, this tabletop design is made from high quality steel and includes a handy carrying handle with lockable lid for maximum portability.

• 11.5" X 15" of cooking surface on the grill rack (173 sq. in. total)
• Cooks with up to 16,000 BTU's
• Plugs in to a standard 110v outlet
• Features an electronic Auto-Start Ignition, a Digital Thermostat Control with LED Display, easy to clean porcelain grill grates, and a durable, powder coat finish.
• Great for small patios!


  • 16,000 BTUs
  • Digital Thermostat Controller
  • 173 sq. in (12X15) Grilling Area
  • Easily holds up to: 8 Burgers|16 Hot Dogs

Dimensions & Weight

  • Width: 20 in.
  • Height: 13 in.
  • Depth: 19 in.
  • Weight: 40 lbs.