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House Plants in San Jose

Greenery adds texture and beauty to your landscaping and can be used as a versatile decorative element indoors. At Payless Hardware, Rockery & Nursery, our nursery and garden center in San Jose carries one of the largest inventories of trees and plants in the area.

Benefits Of Houseplants

Houseplants not only bring light and life into your home, they can offer mental and physical health benefits as well:

  • Houseplants help to increase humidity in your home while reducing the amount of ambient dust. Both of these factors result in better indoor air quality for greater comfort and health.
  • Houseplants are wonderful decorative elements that make your home feel more welcoming and relaxing. Studies have shown that homes featuring houseplants promote lower levels of mental stress.
  • Live plants are also associated with better health; people living in homes with plants are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, chronic pain, and insomnia.
  • Some houseplants are extremely efficient at removing toxins from your indoor air, which improves the breathability of the air inside your home.


DRACAENAS: One of the easies t plants to grow, they prefer a bright room; although some c an grow in low light. They like moist soil but not to wet. Dracaenas grow best in an average home temperature 60-75 degrees.

Lucky Bamboo

LUCKY BAMBOO: Often grown as a hydroponic plant with the stems set in water and held upright with decorative stones. When grown this way it is critical to use water with no minerals and change water every three to five days.


FICUS: Can grow tall and look like a small tree, but it generally stays 40 inches indoors. Ficus grows in bright light and well-drained soil.


POTHOS: Is one of the easiest plants to grow. With green heart shaped leaves on long trailing stems either climbs or trails. It tolerates almost any indoor conditions. Fast growing plant.

China Doll

CHINA DOLL: Prefers bright diffused light they like moist soil. Fast growing plant. Tolerates home temperatures and low humidity leaves may dry up if soil dries out between waterings.

Rubber Tree

RUBBER TREE: One of the easiest plants to grow. If grown in low light growth will be open and sparce. Even moist soil is prefer. wipe the leaves with a damp cloth occasionally.


SCHEFFLERA: Its oblong leaflets are graceful looking, and the plant brings a hint of the tropics into home. They grow in bright light with no direct sun and the soil evenly moist. Let plant approach dryness before watering. Then water thoroughly and discard drainage. Will get weak if light is too low, leaves will drop if soil is too wet or too dry.


DIEFFENBACHIA: Will survive in low light, but prefers a moderately bright spot. Water thoroughly, but allow to dry between waterings.

Peace Lily

PEACE LILY (SPATHIPHYLLUM): Offer white flowers consisting of a slender spadix surrounded by a hoodlike spathe. They tolerate low light and evenly moist soil. Let dry out between waterings. This plant will not flower of it is not kept moist. Is the plant of choice for offices.