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California Native Plants in San Jose

Using California native plants in your landscape makes sense. Many of these plants are extremely drought-tolerant requiring no summer water once established, are adapted to our climate, and beneficial for native wildlife providing both food and shelter.

Payless Nursery prides itself on having one of the largest selections of California native plants in the San Jose Area. We stock a varied selection of native shrubs, trees, perennials, and groundcovers for both sun and shade. Our inventory changes frequently, so stop by often to see what’s new.

Ceanothus Manzanitas Pacific Wax Myrtle
CEANOTHUS: One of the most popular California natives because of their stunning blue blooms. They come in a wide variety of sizes and forms and can be used as ground cover, screens or hedges, and an excellent choice for slopes. Full sun. Needs NO summer water once established. MANZANITAS (Arctostaphylus): are another popular native plant that comes in many different forms from ground cover to shrubs or small trees with beautiful red bark. Full sun, but many will do better with a bit of afternoon shade in hot areas and some summer water. Tiny pink or white bells adorn this plant in late winter/early spring and provide nectar for hummingbirds. PACIFIC WAX MYRTLE (Myrica californica): has glossy evergreen leaves and makes a wonderful screening plant or tall hedge. Small white flowers in summer become black berries relished by birds. Grows in sun or part shade. Will take some summer water.
Coffeeberr Western Redbud California Fuchsia
COFFEEBERRY (Rhamnus californica): is a large shrub that may be trained as a small multi-trunk tree. Evergreen leathery leaves of medium green. Decorative berries turn from green to yellow to deep brownish-black and attract birds. Full sun or part shade. WESTERN REDBUD (Cercis occidentalis): is a small deciduous ornamental tree growing to only 18 feet. Glowing fuchsia blooms cover the bare branches in spring. The leaves are medium green and heartshaped. Usually sold as a multi-trunked shrub although single trunk specimens are available. Full sun. Some summer water. CALIFORNIA FUCHSIA (Zauschneria AKA Epilobium): light up the late summer garden with brilliant red trumpet-shaped blooms that attract hummingbirds. Leaf color and height will vary depending on cultivar. California fuchsias make good ground covers on hot sunny slopes and are extremely drought-tolerant.
Deer Grass Ribes Western Sword Fern
DEER GRASS (Muhlenbergia rigens): makes a stunning silhouette in the garden. Grows to about 3’. Will take wet or dry areas. Evergreen, but should be cut back every 3 yrs. RIBES (Currants): has many species. Some are upright shrubs growing 8-12’ with pendant pink or white flowers in late winter/early spring and may be espaliered. Ribes viburnifolium is an evergreen shrub or tall groundcover growing to 3’. Most will prefer afternoon shade and some summer water. WESTERN SWORD FERN (Polystichum munitum): likes moist shady places. Leathery fronds that grow to 3’. These look great on a shady bank by a waterfall or planted among Redwoods.
FREMONTODENDRON: This California native is a real attention-getter when it’s covered with large (4”) bright yellow flowers. Extremely drought-tolerant. Makes a great specimen tree or large shrub and looks great on hillsides. Not for small gardens.