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Delta and Greenfields Sod In San Jose

At Payless Nursery, we carry Delta and Greenfields Sod. Please also check out the Scott starter fertilizer and the planter mix. Call Payless Nursery today at (408) 274-7815 for more information.




100% Bolero™ Dwarf Fescue

Slower growing, fewer clippings. Heat and drought tolerant. Excellent disease resistance. Beautiful dark blue-green color, fine bluegrass-like texture

Bolero Plus™*

Bolero Plus

90% Bolero™ Dwarf Fescue, 10% Kentucky Bluegrass

Bolero Plus blend was created with the addition of bluegrass to Bolero™ dwarf fescue. The addition of Kentucky Bluegrass assures better density and faster wear recovery.

90/10 Tall Fescue*

90/10 Tall Fescue

90% Tall Fescue, 10% Kentucky Bluegrass

Stands up better to high traffic areas. Adapts to shade and winters well. Deep rooted, very little thatch. Good color, low maintenance. Mowing height as low as 1 ½ to 2 inches.

Blue Rye

Blue Rye

50% Bluegrass Blend, 50% Premium Ryegrass Blend

Grows well in sandy or heavy soil. Dark blue-green color year round. Natural rhizome structure provides quick healing and uniform growth. Developed for golf courses and sports fields; formerly featured at AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA.

Shade Blend

Shade Blend

Heat Tolerant Tall Fescues Combined With Shade Tolerant Fine Fescues. Specifically designed to excel in full and filtered sun. Contain two tall fescues and fine fescues varieties known to excel in up to to 40% shade.. Excellent heat and wear tolerance for high traffic areas

Native Bentgrass™

Native Bentgrass

The industry's 1st choice for native lawn areas. Native Bentgrass™ delivers excellent durability, exceptional recovery and a dark green turf mat.

Medium leaf texture. Thrives in full sun and partial shade. Withstands low mowing heights. Strong sod mat provides effective weed barrier. Extremely drought tolerant. Uniform growth habit. Excellent wear recovery due to self repairing rhizomes.

Native Mow Free™

Native Mow Free

A low maintenance compliment to natural landscapes. This versatile grass can be maintained as a turf lawn or left unmowed.

Contains two native fine fescues and one highly naturalized variety. Excellent shade and cold tolerance. Deep green glossy leaves. Slow growing, narrow leafed grass with blades that are very lax and flexuous. Provides soil stabilization for sloped areas.


Enduro Dwarf Tall Fescue Grass

Our most popular sod, Enduro is a new generation of sod that provides a darker green color, finer texture and lower growth while keeping the hardy nature and lower water needs of its original ancestors. Enduro is an excellent lawn for both home and commercial landscapes. Enduro is the best choice for traffic or high wear areas.

Blue Ridge Grass

Blueridge is our traditional 80% Kentucky Bluegrass and 20% Perennial Ryegrass blend. This is a dense, lush lawn that has a slightly softer feel and finer texture than the Dwarf Enduro. Not recommended for high traffic areas or play areas and should be used where beauty and aesthetics are most important.

Scotts Starter Fertilizer

Scott's Planter Mix
Use Scotts starter fertilizer when laying your sod. It contains timed-release nitrogen ( buffered so it wont burn your grass) phosphorus, and potassium delivered to every square inch of your lawn for even, consistent feeding of new lawn. The high phosphorus content will enable new grass to develop healthy and strong root systems.

Planter Mix

Soil preparation is the most important step when installing a new lawn. Mix two inches of planter mix. Using a rototiller, blend the planter mix into the soil 4-6 inches down.