Starting Sunday, March 28th. We will now be open 7 DAYS A WEEK, 7AM-4PM

CONCRETE CUSTOMERS: Our concrete mixer will be out of service on Tuesday 6/29

Redi-Mix Hours 7AM-1PM

Face masks are required.

We are making every effort to sanitize our store to keep our customers and employees safe.

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Your home’s landscaping is among its most important exterior features. Whether you are an avid gardener, or are just getting started on a gardening project, it is important that you have all of the tools you need to get the job done right. Your local garden center will have a terrific selection of landscaping supplies for you to choose from. By purchasing a set of landscaping tools from your San Jose hardware store, you will be able to easily tackle any landscaping project that you can dream up. Read on to learn more about some of the most common landscaping tools.

Square Mouth Shovel
When you are landscaping around your property, chances are that you will need to use at least one type of shovel. One of the most popular shovel styles is the square mouth shovel. This shovel has a blunt front edge and curved sides. Whether you are scooping dirt or lifting a heavy load, the unique design of a square mouth shovel will provide you with both versatility and functionally.

Whether you are digging out an area of your garden, or creating space for a plant, a spade is an extremely handy tool for your landscaping project. Spades are distinguished by their light design and sharp blade. Because spades are easy to handle, they are better suited for digging than conventional shovels. Typically, these tools feature a high quality blade that is constructed out of steel.

A wheelbarrow is an indispensible tool for any landscaping project. When you are shopping for a new wheelbarrow, it is a good idea to select a product that is constructed out of durable, high quality materials. A well constructed wheelbarrow can be used to haul heavy loads and transport materials around your property. You may also want to seek out a wheelbarrow that is angled for easier operation.