Starting Sunday, March 28th. We will now be open 7 DAYS A WEEK, 7AM-4PM

CONCRETE CUSTOMERS: Our concrete mixer will be out of service on Tuesday 6/29

Redi-Mix Hours 7AM-1PM

Face masks are required.

We are making every effort to sanitize our store to keep our customers and employees safe.

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The health of your home’s plumbing system may not cross your mind on a daily basis. However, by preventing plumbing problems before they become serious, you can save yourself hassle in the long run. As a homeowner, it is a great idea to stock up on plumbing supplies at your local hardware store. A well stocked San Jose hardware store will have all of the tools and equipment you need to perform a range of plumbing repairs. If you are planning a trip to the hardware store, here is a look at some common plumbing problems that can be addressed with easy to find tools.

Blocked Trap
If your sink has a clog, there is a good chance that the problem is originating in the drain trip. While many types of clogs can be eliminated using a drain snake, drain trap clogs may require you to take apart the piping that is attached to your sink. To clear a blocked trap, you can carefully dismantle the trap. Once the trap is taken apart, the clog should break free on its own.

Clogged Toilet
A clogged toilet is among the most dreaded plumbing emergencies that you can experience at home. There are several tactics that you can take to clear a toilet clog. If you have a drain snake, you can use the snake to physically remove the clog. For minor blockages, it may also be appropriate to clear the problem with a toilet plunger.

Low Water Pressure
Low water pressure in your shower can add frustration to your daily routine. If your shower faucet is not delivering enough water as you bathe, you can typically repair the problem with a few simple steps. Using a screwdriver, you can pull the shower head spray plate off of the hose. Next, soaking the spray plate in a descaling solution will clear up the holes and help restore your shower water pressure.

Common Plumbing Problems