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As spring finally overtakes winter, it is time to start thinking about lawn maintenance for the upcoming season. Use this guide to figure out how to care for your grass so you can enjoy a full, beautiful lawn:

Look for Problem Areas
At the beginning of the season, you should closely examine your lawn to see if there are any major problem areas. Whether you see uneven ground or soil compaction, it is important to address these problems before the season really starts so you can be sure that your grass comes in evenly.

Reseed Bare Spots
While you are looking for problem areas, you should also make a note of any spots that look brown or bare. Before the season gets into full swing, plant more grass in these areas. Look at the soil before you start to reseed to see if there are any noticeable issues that might be keeping your grass from growing. Take a trip to the hardware store in San Jose and get new seed that you can spread on your lawn. You might want to ask the staff for some advice about the best kind of seed to use in your area.

Water and Fertilize
It is very important to regularly water and fertilize your lawn. Use a fertilizer that contains a slow-release, low-nitrogen product so it gives the lawn the nutrients it needs to flourish during the season. Do not use more than one pound of nitrogen for every 1,000 square feet of grass. Read the packaging carefully before you apply the fertilizer. You should also trim the grass once it reaches four inches.

Service Your Lawnmower
If you want your lawnmower to help you maintain your lawn, you have to make sure it is up to the job. Before you start to use it for the season, you should take out any gas leftover from last year, disconnect the spark plug, and remove the blade so you can check over it. Drain the oil, clean the equipment, and get a new air filter and spark plug.

Tips for Lawn Maintenance in San Jose, CA