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If you have spent the winter daydreaming about gardening in San Jose, then you have probably already begun to spend time by your nursery as the weather gets warmer. Although the winter is not yet far gone, now is the time to gather garden supplies and prepare your garden for the warm months of the year that lie ahead. Read on for a few tips for getting your garden ready for summer.

Weeding and Pruning
In order to achieve the vibrant, perfectly manicured garden of your dreams, you will have to remove all of the growth that does not belong as well as work on your plants to make sure that they grow in strength and to your liking. You can do this by weeding out extra growth and pruning the plants and flowers that you would like to see thrive. Removing weedy plants before the summer begins can save you a great deal of hassle when it comes to maintaining your nursery and garden in the future; removing weeds as seedlings mean that they will not grow and spread through the summer. You can prune your trees and shrubs after they are done flowering, which can reinvigorate your plants and yield a better harvest from fruit-bearing trees.

Attracting Living Creatures
While some animals may invade your garden and eat what they like, others can protect your growth and help your garden and nursery to flourish. Adding a bird feeder and a birdbath will encourage birds to enjoy your garden, which can help with the pollination of flowers as well as provide an interesting aesthetic of its own; you can also set up a butterfly feeder for a similar purpose. Be sure to clean your birdbath and any other water features you may have or risk attracting mosquitos.

Laying Out a Maintenance Schedule
Set up your gardening routine before summer starts. Organize a watering schedule, continually manage your weed growth, and make sure your garden has a solid mulch cover to ensure that your plants and flowers thrive throughout the year. The sooner you create this schedule, the easier it will be to form the habit.

Garden Maintaining Tips for Summer by Payless Hardware & Rockery