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There are many things that you can do in order to spruce up the exterior of your home and create an environment that is more relaxing, visually pleasing, or simply more fun; you may decide to add decorative boulders to your garden or perhaps you would rather build a patio where you can spend time outdoor grilling in San Jose. Continue on for a brief overview of the steps of building a stone patio.

Planning and Ordering
Every successful building job starts with efficient planning and outlining, and building a stone patio is no exception. You will need the proper tools and hardware as well as a clear goal in mind. First consider where you want your patio; think about factors like the shadiness of the area, the slope of the ground, and the ability for water to drain in order to ensure your comfort when you enjoy your new patio. Decide on the materials you will use and then order them; this includes the stone, bricks, and base materials. You may need landscape fabric for stabilization of the soil, limestone for a foundation, and coarse sand to fill in any gaps in your project.

Packing and Setting
Mark the outline of your patio with spray paint and set up a string line across the center to mark the drainage slope of water. Then, dig about 10 inches of dirt, using the string line as a reference for depth. You can then apply the landscape fabric to your patio hole, followed by two inches of compacted gravel as well as iron pipes that align under and parallel to your string line for water drainage. Next, compact a third level of gravel on top before setting your border stones.

Laying and Spreading
With your border in place, add a final layer of sand and fill the remaining area with your brick patio. Cut down the bricks and chip the edges for aesthetic homogeneity. Compact the bricks and then pack dirt and sand in the perimeter and cracks, respectively. Do some landscaping and clean up the edges of the area and enjoy your new stone patio.