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Outdoor grilling is one of the best ways to cook in the summertime. But in order to enjoy your barbeque to the fullest, you must have the right grilling supplies. At Payless Hardware, Rockery, & Nursery, we have an excellent selection of BBQ supplies.


No matter how or what you like to cook, a grill is the most essential of BBQ supplies. The first choice you will have to make is between propane and charcoal. If you want to bring your grill with you on the go, go with charcoal. But if you want a grill that’s more convenient to operate, propane is the better choice. Propane grills tend to cost more than charcoal, but if you get a built-in model, it is likely to raise the value of your home.

Cooking Tools

If you have a charcoal grill, purchase a chimney starter. This is an upright metal tube that allows you to start your coals with some newspaper and a match. Larger chimney starters make it easier to start the grill. Long-handed tongs made from stainless steel are another necessity. They allow you to grip the food easier without piercing it. We also recommend buying a grilling spatula made of silicone or metal, which allows you to flip fish and meat easily, and a long-handled basting brush with heat-resistant silicone bristles to apply sauce. Purchase an instant-read thermometer so that you know when your meat is done. You will also need aluminum foil for small or delicate foods. A grill light or flashlight is another important tool that allows you to grill after sunset.


It’s always good to have a pair of mitts on hand for touching the grill or the food inside of it. A fire extinguisher is another safety essential. Buy a long-handled stiff-wire grill brush to clean the grate and reduce grease flare-ups, which can start a fire very quickly.