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CONCRETE CUSTOMERS: Our concrete mixer will be out of service on Tuesday 6/29

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We are making every effort to sanitize our store to keep our customers and employees safe.

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When it comes to water conservation, managing water use on your San Jose lawn and in your garden is absolutely essential. To start saving water and money, take a trip to your local nursery and garden center to pick up some water-efficient plants, landscaping supplies, and garden products!

Manual Watering

The convenience of timers and automatic sprinklers is undeniable. But the most water-efficient method of lawn irrigation is actually watering your lawn by hand. According to the EPA, manual watering with a hose and spray nozzle can reduce your outdoor water consumption by 33%. Before starting a manual irrigation routine, ensure that your hoses and nozzles are leak-free. You can also find a wide variety of high-efficiency irrigation supplies at your local garden center to further improve your water conservation efforts.

Manage and Maintain Your Irrigation System

If your yard is too big to manually water, make sure that your irrigation system is in good repair and runs efficiently. When set up and cared for properly, an automated irrigation system can achieve deep watering in a fairly short amount of time. Just be sure that your sprinklers don’t waste water by spraying hardscaping, sidewalks, or other non-green spaces in your garden. To comply with new water restrictors, use the rain delay feature on your automatic irrigation system for 48 hours after it rains.

Hardscaping and Drought-Resistant Plants

If you’re looking for even greater water savings, consider a more water-efficient yard altogether. Xeriscaping, landscaping that primarily contains rock, pavers, stepping stones, and drought-resistant plants, will reduce the overall amount of plant-life needing to be watered in your yard. Plants and shrubs used in xeriscaped lawns are adapted to low-water and high-heat climates, making them ideal for improving water efficiency in your yard. Landscaping experts at your local nursery can recommend the best kinds of plants for your home’s style and maintenance needs.