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It’s officially the fall—is your San Jose lawn ready? Although spring and summer are generally considered the best times for landscaping and lawn maintenance, this is in fact the prime time to prepare your yard for the next growing season. Cooler temperatures and moist soil combine to slow aboveground growth and encourage strong root development, but there are additional steps you need to take if you wish to have a lush and healthy lawn come spring. These tips, combined with those you’ll pick up from the lawn care experts at your local garden center, will make sure your landscape is ready for the fall and the seasons to come.

Aerate Compressed Soil

Does rainfall or irrigation pool on your lawn? If so, it’s a good idea to aerate compressed soil so that water and nutrients can reach the root system below. To make the task easier, you can rent or buy a walk-behind lawn aerator from your local hardware store. The soil plugs that are pulled out will break down naturally by spring, and can also provide additional lawn nutrients.

Apply Fertilizer

Although the fall and winter months are not typically thought of as the growing season, grass roots will actually keep growing until the ground gets down to 40 degrees or below. Considering that San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area rarely (if ever) gets this cold, it’s important that you continue to feed your lawn into the fall and winter to encourage strong, healthy roots for a greener, lusher lawn come spring.

Rake Up Leaves

Leaves, twigs, and other organic debris is not only unsightly but can also be detrimental to the health of your lawn. Excessive organic matter going into the winter will inhibit growth and can also promote certain types of lawn molds and diseases. For easy lawn maintenance this fall, pick up a gas or electric leaf blower from your local garden center.

Landscaping Tips for Autumn by Payless Hardware & Rockery