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As everyone who enjoys gardening in San Jose knows, weeds can quickly overrun your garden and kill your plants and flowers. Luckily, you can find garden products and garden supplies at your local hardware store or garden center that will help you manage your weed growth. Here are some essential tips for controlling weeds in your nursery and garden.

Use Landscaping Supplies to Smother Weeds

The best way to minimize weed growth in your nursery and garden is to smother them using landscaping supplies. You can buy gravel, wood chips, or mulch at your local hardware store, and use it to cover the ground in your garden. You can even begin composting with organic materials from your kitchen, such as coffee grounds, fruit rinds and peels, and unused vegetables. Compost is even better than other materials, as it feeds your garden and plants as it decomposes. Weeds won’t be able to grow as quickly or as easily if the ground is covered.

Minimize Soil Disturbance When Possible

The majority of your garden already contains weed seeds that have not yet been germinated. Germination can only begin if the seeds are close enough to the soil’s surface to get sufficient light. Every time you dig in your garden, you are bringing more and more weed seeds to the surface of the soil, allowing them to get light exposure and begin the germination process. You should only dig when you need to, and immediately cover the area in which you were digging with mulch or new plants.

Only Weed with the Right Garden Supplies Under the Right Conditions

After a heavy rainfall, or when your garden is very wet, you can pull weeds out by their roots. You can buy a garden fork or fishtail weeder at your local hardware store or garden center to make weeding easier. If your garden’s soil is dry, you should use a garden hoe to weed. Slice the weeds off with the sharp edge of your hoe, right underneath the soil line, to ensure they shrivel and die.

pulling weeds