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Whether you’re designing a garden to spruce up your outdoor living space or you already have one, California’s water shortage and subsequent usage limits have made it difficult for homeowners to keep their gardens looking fertile and alive. Fortunately, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. By implementing a few water conservation practices, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful garden without contributing to the state’s water crisis. Here are some tips for conserving water in your garden. Visit a nursery and garden in San Jose to learn more.

Control Weeds

Weeds are unsightly, yes, but more than that weeds also compete with plants for water and soil nutrients. This means you’ll have to water a garden full of weeds longer to make sure your flowers and vegetables stay hydrated. Your local gardening center can offer you tips and products to help you easily kill off weeds and keep them from returning, which will not only help conserve water but will also save you time spent controlling weeds in your garden.

Group Plants Together

Another good way to lower your garden’s water consumption is to group plants that have similar water needs. For example, cucumber and squash plants require similar water applications and as such would be well grouped together. Grouping plants together by their watering needs can help you avoid overwatering or underwatering nearby plants that require more or less water than those around them. It can also contribute to a more cohesive and planned look in your garden.

Use a Drip System

A drip water system on a mulched garden can reduce your garden’s water needs by up to 50%. Organic mulch can retain over 10 times more water and nutrients than sandy or clayey soil alone. Your local hardware and garden supply store in San Jose can help you build a drip irrigation system and supply with you the equipment you need to make your own mulch at home.

Water Conserving Tips for Home Garden by Payless Hardware & Rockery