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Reducing water usage should be every lawn owner’s goal. It can save money as well as the environment. There are several ways to reduce your water usage, such as installing a pistol-grip nozzle on your water hoses. Next time you use the lawn mower in San Jose, don’t forget to think about how to save on watering your lawn.

Consider Xeriscaping

One of the easiest ways to reduce water usage is to plant specimens that do not require a lot of water. Xeriscaping is a concept of landscaping that promotes planting species native to the local climate that will also tolerate low amounts of water. It is popular in the southwest and other regions that do not have a reliable and plentiful water source. Succulents, shrubs, and certain trees are popular additions to a xeriscape yard, and they require little maintenance. Occasional weed control and far less fertilizer use makes xeriscape a viable yard choice.

Install Rain Barrels

Bring in large rain barrels to set under a gutter in your yard. When it rains, you can capture and save water for non-rainy days. If you have several rainy days a year, or heavy monsoons, consider installing more rain barrels, as well as infiltration basins. Basins can be used in place of barrels or in a combined system. Infiltration basins are small pond-like areas at the edge of your yard that collect water and drain it into the groundwater below. If you decide on a basin system, you can install a pipe, typically buried just a few feet, which will run from your gutters or barrel into your basin.

Water Smartly

There are correct ways and times of the day that result in much less water usage. Try to avoid water evaporation—water when it is cooler outside, don’t water when it’s windy, and keep your grass a little longer when using the lawn mower. Also, maximize the water usage you do consume. Set the sprinklers to water only the lawn, turn off the sprinklers when it’s expected to rain, and use drip irrigation instead of traditional hose and sprinkler watering.

rain barrel