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If you have been looking for versatility in your grills in San Jose, there is only one grill for you: the Traeger grill. These grills can act as a smoker, baking oven, or grill, all in one location. They utilize a special design that helps you cook healthier and tastier foods. Read on to learn all the details of the world-class Traeger grill.

The Traeger cooking design is a patented system that channels the fat, grease, and other food drippings away from the food you are cooking. Along with a healthier cooking style, Traeger grills utilize wood pellet fuel instead of propane, charcoal, and other environmentally-harmful fossil fuels. Your meats, vegetables, and kabobs will gain a rich and smoky flavor only found with wood-burning grills. Once you pour in the wood pellets and start the easy-to-use igniter rod, you can decide how you want to cook your meal. Low heating makes the grill into a smoker; medium heating is for barbecuing, and high heat is for grilling those steaks everyone likes so much. Head to your local hardware store to get your Traeger grill today.

taegaer grill

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