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Do you dread pulling out your lawn mower in San Jose? If so, then consider giving your landscaping a makeover this season. By incorporating low-maintenance materials into your garden design, you’ll find that you have a reduced need for weed control, digging tools, and pruners.

Less Time

One of the greatest benefits of switching to a landscape design that requires less maintenance is that you can spend less time working on it and more time enjoying it. Maintaining a lawn, for example, calls for regular watering, fertilizing, and mowing. But when you make the switch to hardscaping, for example, your time spent on lawn care can be drastically reduced.

Less Water

Migrating to low or no-maintenance landscaping often results in less water usage. If you live in an area that has a dry climate or where water use is restricted, then replacing your lawn and garden with alternative landscaping materials is a practical decision. For example, swapping out some of your plants with native species is an excellent way to cut down on your yard’s water needs. Hardscaping is also an option that can significantly reduce how much water your property needs to look beautiful and maintained.

Less Weeding

When it comes to caring for a garden, dealing with weeds is among the most dreaded chores for homeowners. Pulling weeds is a tiresome task that can leave you feeling sore, itchy, and exhausted. Low-maintenance landscaping offers a simple solution to this problem. When your yard is composed of more flagstone and gravel, for instance, you will have fewer areas that are prone to weeds. Also, the lack of watering required for these materials means you’ll be feeding fewer weeds and discouraging their growth.

Less Effort

With each change in seasons, you may find that your landscaping is in need of attention. Often, trees and hedges require trimming, lawns look patchy or diseased, and plants require fertilizing or replacement. If you find yourself frustrated with the amount of effort required to keep your yard looking good, then switching to low-maintenance landscaping could be right for you.