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Are you thinking about installing more drought-resistant plants in your garden in San Jose? If so, then you’re probably considering your options for cacti and succulents because they can flourish in hot, dry environments with little to no irrigation. When you head to your local hardware store’s garden center, you’re likely to see barrel cacti among the available selections.

Barrel cacti are one of the largest species of cacti found in North America. These cacti always have a barrel or cylindrical shape, heavy spines, and prominent ribs. These plants bloom with red or yellow flowers at the top and produce juicy, fleshy fruits that are not usually harvested for eating. The pulp of the barrel cactus, however, is often used in the making of cactus candy.

Barrel cacti require minimal care, making them an ideal addition to low-maintenance garden designs. This plant should be watered about once per week in summer, and generally does not need supplemental water during the cooler months.

Barrel Cacti in San Jose, CA