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If you’re like many individuals who have a charcoal grill in San Jose, then you’re planning to make the most of the season’s great weather by hosting barbecues and preparing dinners outdoors. To take your cooking skills to the next level this summer, consider using the following charcoal grilling tips:

Get the Right Tools

To up your grilling game this season, it’s important that you outfit yourself with the right grilling accessories. At the minimum, get yourself a grill brush, mitts, thermometer, pair of tongs, hinged wire basket, and long-handled spatula.

Prepare the Grill Grate

For a fresh start and to promote clean grill marks, you should use your grill brush to scrub any residue from the grill grate. Then, when you’re getting ready to grill, use tongs, a wad of paper towel, and vegetable oil to coat the grill grate, which will help prevent the food from sticking.

Gather all Your Supplies

Once they get going, you can’t turn a knob to lower the heat on your coals. For this reason, you should prep and gather all the ingredients and supplies you will need in advance. This should include everything from plates and utensils to toppings and dressings.

Leave the Lid Shut

Yes, your charcoal grill and the steaks you have on it may be things of beauty, but leaving the lid open to watch the cooking process in action allows heat to escape and can lead to dry meat. For this reason, you should keep your grill’s lid shut as much as possible.

Add Some Smokey Flavor

If you want to further enhance the flavor that your charcoal grill creates, then pick up some hardwood chips, logs, or briquettes to use this season. Keep in mind that the wood you choose can lend different flavors to your grilled items. For example, cherry and apple have flavors that are fruity, sweet, and mild, while mesquite is strong and earthy. Maple is mild, sweet, and ideal for poultry, and hickory can be used to lend a bacon-like flavor to your ribs and pork.

Charcoal Grilling Tips for Pro Cooking