Starting Sunday, March 28th. We will now be open 7 DAYS A WEEK, 7AM-4PM

CONCRETE CUSTOMERS: Our concrete mixer will be out of service on Tuesday 6/29

Redi-Mix Hours 7AM-1PM

Face masks are required.

We are making every effort to sanitize our store to keep our customers and employees safe.

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Water conservation is on the minds of many Californians, leading them to search for better ways to manage their landscaping water usage. If you’re looking to do your part and reduce the amount of water you use in your lawn and garden in San Jose, then consider taking advantage of an automated irrigation system.

By installing an automated irrigation system, you can address any worry that you may have about overwatering, as well as reduce wasted water due to runoff. Also, you can better regulate watering times and program the system to water your garden and lawn at the times you prefer, such as early morning or evening, in order to reduce evaporation and maximize your lawn’s water efficiency. Besides these benefits, an automated irrigation system can save you a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent on watering, allowing you to dedicate more time to other landscaping tasks.

Saving Water with Automated Irrigation System