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Inviting friends and family over for a backyard get-together this time of year is a great way to squeeze the most out of the last days of summer weather. If you’re planning to fire up your grill in San Jose and host an end-of-summer party, then consider the following tips:

Pick Up Grilling Gear

If this will be your first backyard gathering of the year, then you should pull out your grill and grilling supplies to get them ready for action. To do this, clean your grill and use it at least once before the party to determine if everything is in working order. Also, be sure you have all the grilling essentials ready to go, such as a spatula, thermometer, grill brush, and pair of long-handled tongs. Also, you can benefit from having aluminum foil and paper towels on hand. Finally, have a functional fire extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency.

Spend Time on Landscaping

Year-round, you work hard to keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful. However, hosting an end-of-summer party gives your yard a chance to truly shine. Before you expect your guests, set aside a weekend to inspect all your plants and prune or replant as necessary. Also, many homeowners clean up their trees and shrubs in late spring once the growing season is in full swing. However, it can be worth your time to inspect these features and ensure that they are in good condition before your guests arrive. Look for signs of disease, give overgrown hedges a trim, and address any dead or damaged tree branches.

Touch-Up Exterior Paint

Before the week of your party arrives, walk around your property and take a critical look at your home. Are there grass stains on the paint near the base of your house? Are there worn areas or peeling paint on your deck? If your exterior paint is looking far from fresh, then now can be an excellent time to perform touch-ups that will give your home a clean, crisp appearance.

Backyard Partying Tips by Payless Hardware and Rockery