Starting Sunday, March 28th. We will now be open 7 DAYS A WEEK, 7AM-4PM

CONCRETE CUSTOMERS: Our concrete mixer will be out of service on Tuesday 6/29

Redi-Mix Hours 7AM-1PM

Face masks are required.

We are making every effort to sanitize our store to keep our customers and employees safe.

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Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery Provides Pavers

When you are looking to update your home with beautiful walkways, driveways, or other outside design features, visit Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery in San Jose, CA. We have access to all the best materials and get you the exact stones to match your home’s aesthetic. Using pavers around the house is a simple way to boost the beauty of your exterior, add interest instead of a traditional sidewalk leading to your front door, and keep guests off your well-manicured lawn.
Another significant aspect of working with our team at Payless is we are available to complete it for you.

For over four decades, we have assisted those living in the area achieve home goals by adding these unique paths, either using uniform stones or a mix of different colors, shapes, and textures for a beautiful display of natural-looking stone. Reach out today for our stellar services or visit to search through our inventory of pavers and more.

We Are A Proud Calstone Paver Supplier In San Jose, CA

Calstone pavers are made using only the finest raw materials and the most technologically advanced equipment and processes available. Check out our Calstone Pavers Page to learn more about our beautiful collection of pavers.

Benefits of Installing Pavers on Your Property

If you are thinking of installing walkways or a driveway made of pavers, let us help explain the many
benefits of making this remodel or renovation choice. They are an excellent choice instead of going with
a traditional concrete sidewalk or tarred driveway. And the team at Payless Hardware, Rockery, and
a nursery is here to help you when you need us, either with the actual installation or just with picking the
right stones to match the aesthetic of your home’s exterior:

  • Added Value: Installing pavers increases the value of your home by adding intrigue and beauty. Potential buyers love seeing these additions because they help set your home apart from others and make them unique.
  • Patterns: Speaking of being unique, no two pavers projects look exactly the same, even when using the same stones. You can arrange them in a multitude of different ways with dissimilar shapes and colors to make them individually yours.
  • Colors: We have a wide range of colors for you to choose from and can match almost any style you have already selected for the exterior home. Natural stone lends itself to so many styles, and we are sure to find you the perfect ones for your driveway and walkways.
  • Durability: Pavers are designed to withstand the weight of heavy objects such as cars easily. They will last your household for many years without the need to be replaced. They can also resist problematic weather such as heavy rains, hail, and snow.
  • Replacement: Should something happen to one of your pavers either in your driveway or walkway, they are easily replaced. Most homeowners can even do it themselves without the need for major, professional tools. It’s also more cost-effective than your traditional concrete driveway.
  • Stain Resistance: Paver sealer prevents common stains from oil, spills, rubber, and more. Most of these instances are easily washed away with water from your water hose with no help from chemical cleaners.

Our Paver and Black Manufacturers at Payless

At Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery, we know a paver is only as good as the companies who make them. We only work with high-quality manufacturers who stand behind their products and believe the same standards as us. When you purchase pavers or stone from us, you can breathe easier knowing your money was well invested for your walkways or driveway. Feel free to come into the store in San Jose, CA and see some examples of the materials we carry. You can even check out previous projects where your chosen material was used. We are always happy to show you what can be done,and how great these materials look in person.. Our partners include Calstone: (On-Site and SpecialOrders) and Clay Pave (Limited Stock).

Calstone Pavers In San Jose

Regardless of which Calstone paver shape, color, or pattern you choose, installation is easy with joint sand. This process allows for pavers to distribute traffic loading over a greater surface. These quality, beautiful stones are made of natural materials can withstand minor and major movements of soil and maintenance is simple because no mortar is used.

Calstone pavers mimic natural stone in a variety of colors and styles. Check out our gallery below to see the different options.

Installation of Pavers is a Breeze for Payless

Most homeowners can install pavers on their own. Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery are here to help consult and measure your materials needed for the perfect DIY pavers project allowing you to save money. First swing by Payless Hardware with your ideas and space measurements. Once we help you pick out the perfect pavers for the job and the correct amount of pavers needed the process is very easy! You simply prepare the area by removing grass and plantings. Then, add the base material before compacting and leveling it. Some pavers may need to be cut to fit your area and design, and distinctive edging pavers complete the design. Once you have your pavers and edging in place, you’ll sweep paver sand into the cracks, and compact again to complete. If you already have concrete poured, you can even install them over it to help save you money and time.

Contact Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery for Pavers

When you are ready to begin your next pavers project, Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery are here to assist from start to finish. Whether you want us to help install or just need some direction with the different paver options, we offer our experience and knowledge to ensure your walkways and driveway look stunning once finished. Call or visit us in San Jose, CA today for all the paver assistance you need!

Contact us for help with patio pavers!