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Cacti and Succulents In San Jose

Cactus and succulents can make a real statement in your landscape. The incredible forms, subtle colors, and textures create year-round interest. The flowers are stunning and provide nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies. They’re drought-tolerant, too!

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Are a winter-growing succulent with rosette leaves that may be black, green, or variegated. Some may grow up to 3’ or more. Mature rosettes will produce yellow flowers in winter. Will take light frosts. Full sun or partial shade. Drought-tolerant. Water every 15 days and in winter watering can be reduced to up to 2 months to survive cold conditions.



Range in size from a demure 2’ to giant 8’ plants with a wide color range. These are tough and hardy withstanding cold temperatures. Some are very stiff and prickly, but there are soft ones as well. When mature a huge flower spike arises from the center, usually with white bell-like flowers. Full sun. Drought-tolerant.


BARREL CACTUS (Echinopsis)

Are extremely hardy and spiny, but they look great in a rock garden. Drought-tolerant and deer resistant. Easy to grow plant and relatively fast growing. They may produce round offshoots. The spines can range in color from yellow to tan to red. Typically starts to bloom in April with a bright yellow or orange flower.



Are quite popular because of their form and color. Shaped like roses, leaf color can be steely blue, silver, glowing lavender, green, red or other shades. Will take full sun or partial shade depending on the species. Some are frost hardy while others are best suited to container culture that can be protected from frost. Drought tolerant.



Are one of the most variable and interesting succulents of all. There are over 1000 spp. in this family. Forms range from quite bizarre to quite ordinary. Flowers on many are extremely showy and can be bright chartreuse, red, yellow, pink or salmon. Most contain a toxic milky white sap that can cause allergic dermatitis or temporary blindness and stinging if it gets in one’s eyes, so wear gloves and handle with care. Full sun or part shade, depending on spp. Drought tolerant. Deer resistant.



A strange plant and is best planted in groups for the best show. Pointy, thin, green tough stems rise up to 3’ and can be easily overlooked….until it blooms. Bloom stalks rise above the leaves with blooms in glowing orange/pink/red/yellow and then the plant is hard to miss. Hummingbirds certainly won’t miss them. Extremely drought and frost tolerant.



Come in many sizes and forms, from 1’ clusters to 20’ trees. Flower color and form varies from pinks and oranges, to reds and greens. Time of flowering varies as well. Hummingbirds will love them. Some are summer growers and will need protection from winter wet, while the winter growers will do fine in California’s wet winters. All should have good drainage. Many are tender and will need winter protection from frost, although there are many hardy varieties.



An extremely variable and useful garden plant. They can be perennials to 2’ such as ‘Autumn Joy’, tall or short ground covers, or accent plants. Leaves can be silver, green, yellow or variegated. Flowers can be pink, white or yellow and attract bees and butterflies. Full sun or partial shade depending on the species. Drought-tolerant.

A perfect container plant, succulents need very little water and almost no maintenance; a real plus for the busy person with little time. From the bold statement of large Agaves to the softer look of Sedum groundcover, or the interesting texture of a clump of Echeverias, there’s a succulent for every style and garden.
Cacti & Succulents in San Jose

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